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Hakuna Matata, Ok so, on my dashboard in the last hour i have...

Ok so, on my dashboard in the last hour i have seen 3 posts saying “if this gets ___ notes by ___ 30/3/2013, I won’t kill myself,” now guys what are you actually doing? Firstly, if you’re serious, you shouldn’t be putting this much pressure on the rest of tumblr and letting your life depends on notes on a text post for gods sake, if you are having suicidal thoughts, tell someone and seek treatment/therapy and professional help! DO it the right way and help yourself get better, getting notes on a post isn’t going ot make your problems go away, I really wish it were that easy but it isn’t, go see a therapist and get the needed help if you feel that way and are having those thoughts. Secondly, all three of them said the exact same thing, just a different amount of required notes, you guys obviously weren’t serious… You saw one person’s post, copied and pasted it and re-used it for attention/followers/whatever the hell it was and that is not fucking cool. There are people out there who actually are struggling with depression, addiction, illness, all sorts of traumatic situation and are actually legitimately considering suicide. The fact that you would pretend to be doing so for attention/followers/whatever your poison, is just sickening. Seriously guys, what the hell is happening to this website, to the people who decide to use these “schemes” you fucking disgust me. 

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